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Myga are pleased to announce that they have opened their first ever flagship store in the Bullring, in Central Birmingham! This store sells every Myga product, allowing you to see the quality and designs in person. Over the last couple of years Myga have been selling a wide range of yoga mats and accessories, so with the launch of this store it means that we have been able to expand our vision and share the products with even more people!

We also have an in-store café, providing coffees, smoothies and tasty vegan treats to the people of Birmingham.

All of our coffees are completely vegan (Cow-Free) and can be made with your choices of almond, soy, coconut or oat milk. The smoothies are also all vegan and can be made with either coconut water or if you’re feeling naughty, coconut milk. From Berry Boost to Passion storm, it is guaranteed for there to be a juice that takes your fancy.

Yoga Classes in store are available to book online now! Offering multiple types of classes, both experienced and beginner yogis will be able to attend our professionally lead classes, including classes involving our NEW Yoga Balance Board. 

To Book a Class head to

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