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Join us for a free one hour guided meditation session lead by Diana Badea on Monday 17th March from 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM. 

Wellness not just being free from physical illness, it is a constant process of growth towards a mentally, physically and spiritually healthy lifestyle. Our day to day behaviour and reactions are based on the subconscious programming inherited from our cultural background and previous generations. Children brought up in safe and enlightened environments become emotionally resilient adults, but sadly, most of the contemporary adult behaviour is a reflection negative beliefs and emotions guided by unprocessed trauma. 

Guided meditation allowing a state of consciousness and gentle focus of the mind.

This allows the thought patterns, emotions and sensations to arise and depart.

A calm mind and relaxed body provides access to the dreaming state, a deeper layer of consciousness in-between sleep and awareness.

Book here: Guided Meditation