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Meet Our Teachers! the myga journal


Claudia is the co-founder of Myga Yoga. 

In her early twenties she attended her first Yoga class in Vienna and it was there the seed was planted and the desire to dig deeper into the ancient beautiful ideology of practices designed to rejuvenate the body and prolong life commenced.

She began her journey, like many other travelers, she followed in the footsteps of the Beatles which naturally took her to India, the birth place of Yoga. She stayed in Ashrams where incorporating Yoga into daily routine was a way of life. This followed shortly by her first teacher training course.


Having been brought up in an Indian household, Yoga has been a huge part of my life growing up. Due to this, I have been immersed into the spiritual and cultural side of Yoga. Yoga and it’s teachings have played a significant part in my life. In search for more, I completed my yoga teacher training in Bali. This beautiful experience made me realise how yoga is so more than a physical practice and the realisation of the oneness of being as the ultimate goal of Yoga. 

I have been teaching for 5 years with the main focus on dynamic Vinyasa as well as Ashtanga yoga. My classes have been known to be physically challenging yet satisfying and open to all levels, from beginners to advanced. The satisfaction from watching students develop themselves both physically and mentally push through barriers in my classes is incredible as it is often the mind that holds us back. 


My Journey with yoga started in 2015 when I stepped on to my mat for the very first time. I turned to yoga to help with back and knee issues along with trying to overcome anxiety and stress related issues. I instantly fell in love with yoga, especially how it made me feel on and off the mat, strong, confident and happy. As my passion and dedication to yoga grew, I decided to become a yoga teacher. 

My classes are creative, energetic, fun, inspirational and nurture the mind, body and soul, leaving you feeling relaxed and well balanced after classes. I am a passionate dedicated yoga teacher who aims to send kindness and gratitude through yoga.

Yoga to me is ‘Magic’ as it really has transformed my life in so many ways and still does help me every day, I just can’t wait to share the ‘magic’ with everyone else and help assist others through their own yoga journey. After all yoga really is for everyone.


I’m Antonia and I made it my mission to help you be your best self on an off the mat. Qualified in India, within the heart of yogic practices, I currently teach alignment-based Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin Yoga classes suitable for all levels. Sceptic, to begin with, I first got onto the mat in 2014 to later find out that Yoga is indeed for everybody (myself included). From then onwards it was just a matter of time until I have decided to share this message with the rest of the world. Nowadays I spread positive energy through dynamic and energising flows and hope to leave everyone a little better than I found them.



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